To really believe is to know, even without seeing. Unlike many other gods, there are hardly any images of Hestia from her time. Hestia is the goddess of the hearth fire, in whose temple a fire burned that never went out. It was a flame from her temples that first brought light and warmth to every new place of faith and every new settlement. Her flame made every home hearth a place of work and swearing. Hestia needs no images to be seen, she lives in every flame and thus in each of us.

Even the strongest willow eventually breaks in a storm, but the bamboo bends and then straightens up again – humble, unagitated – real power is not loud, because it does not have to prove itself. Exactly this principle is symbolized by the bamboo, which in its way to grow, as well as in its properties, brings stability and gentleness at the same time.

The circle, no beginning, no end, rhythm in eternal unison, the first idea of perfection, the symbol of all life – and the representation of the archetype of the female principle.

Every decision we make is based upon these fundamentals. Every day we thrive to make Hestia’s values the center of our work – as a team and as individuals. Creating meaningful, fair loungewear for women that is more than fashion. Every piece is designed and manufactured with the highest attention to detail, care and innovation. Using only highest-quality fabrics, creating smart cuts that flatter every woman’s body shape. And most importantly giving every customer not only a piece of clothing – but a piece of home, strength and comfort. Just like Hestia.

Our values

Highest quality fabrics

from innovative sustainable sources. Our intensive research on newest natural ecological fabrics is one of our core missions.

Socially responsible manufacturing & partners

The close relationship with our partners and manufacturers is the building rocks of our production. This way we always can ensure to meet our high standards on business and workplace ethics.


Our roots are in Tyrol, the beautiful heart of the Austrian Alps. The alpine climate, the love for nature, recreation, physical & mental well-being and the open-mindedness to all cultures that come and go have influenced the development of HESTIA significantly.


A word that couldn’t better describe one of our most important core values. The inclusion of everyone in every situation at any given time. Not only do we celebrate the diversity in our team, but also made it our main goal to produce pieces that flatter every woman, of all body shapes, all around the world. Pieces that can be combined with your personal style, that adapt to your skin and your body and that support you in feeling even more beautiful and comfortable every day.

Family values

At HESTIA we treat all of our employees like family and take care of their personal development just as much as offering them one of the highest social security and welfare benefits worldwide. We believe that the joy and motivation, the love that every employee puts into the creation of HESTIA loungewear reflects into every single piece.


We value YOU. The real YOU. The perfect imperfections that make you who you are. Society has been raised to believe that we must fit “into” pieces. We are on a mission to change the perception in the fashion industry and are creating loungewear for women that have been developed to fit you – not the other way around. Self-respect and self-love are what ultimately every one of us owes themselves and the world around us.


We all have faced challenges of our own kind this past year. We still tried not to forget to always find the positive in every change we had to face. Trying to unite everything that needed to be united and that could be. Creating comfortable loungewear for women and designing pieces that combine a sleek business appearance with cozy home feels was our way of contributing to our world in change.