7 months ago

Did you know that Greek mythology names 8 different types of love?

So when we state that , ideed, “love is for everyone” that we took as an inspiration for our Valentines Day this year, we don’t only truly mean it, but we also refer to the same history that gave birth to our namesake and inspiration, the goddess Hestia. Today, we want you to take a small moment out of your day, to celebrate all those different kinds of love, and to learn a bit more about them, ourselves, and of course about HESTIA.

Philia – this is the love between friends, that blooms when acquaintances slowly turn into confidants. The trust that is build in such relationships is what gives us strength when things get rough. It is a safe space, a love that forgoes judgement and tends to be free of expectation. It is calmness, safety and joy, that allows us to grow and go beyond our own fears, because we know that we are not alone and that someone believes in us just as much as we believe in them. You may ask why we talk so passionately about this? well, without the feeling of philia between our two female founders, HESTIA might would not be here today.  Because nobody alone would be strong – or crazy – enough, to build a fashion brand in the midst of a global pandemic?

Agape – this is the love that is given unconditionally and is not limited to one person. It is the love and we feel for humanity, for the things we believe in or the beauty and strength of mother nature. It is a very much humbling feeling, that resides in all of us, for a variety of things. And it drives us to do…well, the right things. This kind of love has deeply shaped the way HESTIA operates, as it made a respectful, responsible and sustainable way of production the only option. We are continuously working on reducing the strain that we put on the environment as much as possible, but also try to actively support positive changes by choosing to work with partners that have vowed, just as we did, to do things the right, fair and ethical way.

Philautia – describes the love for one self. I think we can all agree, that “self-love” is one of the catch phrases that we have seen so much lately, that we hardly had the time to think about what it really means. And even if we do think about, truly understanding and actually practicing honest self-love is an everyday commitment more than anything. HESTIA came to be as a small support in this regard. Because feeling good in your own skin is a vital part of loving yourself. And sadly, many brands and designs tend to make that pretty difficult for us, as they only  seem to think about one body type and the fact that it has to look good on the hanger in the store.

That’s why we decided to go against this. But every HESTIA design that you find online, as well as at our pop-up Store, is deeply thought trough, with the beautiful diversity of the human body, with all its curves, shapes, and perfect imperfections in mind. Being able to wear something that offers the perfect mix of comfortable freedom and secure fit to actually feel like a second skin, that highlights everything that is beautifully you, can – in our opinion – make all the difference. Maybe it’s not the whole solution, we know – but we would be honored to play a small role in your personal discovery of your love for yourself.

You see, love is not only for everyone, but it is also found everywhere. So, as we are sharing our love for and with all of you, we ask you to do the same. So let us invite you to our store and find the perfect gift for your loved ones, friends or yourself and see our Valentines Day sale as our little gesture of love, just for you.


Your HESTIA Team