1 year ago

Our friends are often those that are the closest to us. We share some of our best and worst moments with them, allow them to be there for us when we are down and show up at their doorstep with ice cream and wine at 3 am without asking questions.

But friendship is way more than that. It means treating each other with respect and care, learning about the others life and respecting their needs and individual personalities. Friendship can be the soil for everything to bloom and grow even more beautifully. This rings especially true to us as HESTIA’s founders have been friends for years before deciding to take the chance and create something new together. The 31st of July has marked the international day of friendship, and we wanted to take the chance to dive a little deeper in to HESTIA’s core values. We care, like friends, for our employees, producers and customers alike. We want to know what is happening in their life to know what we can do to make things a little better, a little easier or our collaboration truly beneficial for everyone involved.

Working exclusively with European producers for our bamboo loungewear pieces allows us to build a connection that goes beyond the usual work relationships. All though heavily influenced by restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic, we still managed to learn as much as we could about our producers in Portugal. This gave us the chance to really understand the social circumstances and national requirements they  work under and creates a solid foundation to build the trust that is needed to create the best quality product possible, while being sure that all of their work processes align with HESTIA’s values.

The same goes for you, our customer – we started the development of our clothes with you and our friends in mind, remembering all l the small and big insecurities and struggles we all go through on the way to being truly comfortable in our bodies and lives. We may not be able to make them go away but HESTIA has set its goal to at least make it a little bit easier for you, taking all the small things friends confide to each other into consideration.

That’s why our midi bermuda comes with a extra wide and a little more sturdy waistband, that gives your back and belly that extra bit of support and warmth we all need in the more straining times of our menstrual cycle.

That’s why our batsleeve shirt comes with additional layers of fabric around the waistline, because we all know how uncomfortable it is to be bloated and yet also know how difficult it sometimes is, to not give in to the urge of sucking in our bellies in an attempt to hide it.

That’s why our V-neck shirt has a drapey flared cut, because we know how uncomfortable it is that many brands base their sizing on a one-fits-all approach without considering that all curves and lines of a body are truly unique und deserve their own respect and freedom of movement.

That’s why our basic tank top comes with wide straps and a mid-cut back, because we know how annoying it is to be constantly distracted by your clothes, adjusting and tucking it back into place to keep your bra covered.

That’s why our pleated shirt comes with lower cut armholes, because we all know that life gives us enough reasons to sweat, but we definitely don’t want to worry about if it is showing.

Psychology says that people need to agree on things five times to build the foundation for a friendship. So, if you agree to at least one of the five things we told you about above, head over to our shop at www.behestia.com/shop. And don’t hesitate to share a picture of your little more care-free you wearing your newest HESTIA piece using #behestia.

Be comfortable, be powerful.

Your HESTIA Team.