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Today, Monday, 12th of July, we are sharing our beautiful products with you. Since the foundation of HESTIA, we have been putting our heart and soul into ensuring that every design is perfect for you to feel like a goddess wearing it.  Our aim was to design clothes that support you every day and help you face whatever challenges might encounter. If you feel comfortable in your clothes, you will feel comfortable in your skin.

And as any beautiful friendship blooms the more you get to know each other, we want to let you in on some HESTIA secrets. Did you know that there are different ways to construct a garment?

HESTIA develops all designs and measurements based on traditional methods of bespoke tailoring. Always keeping the body, and its curves and lines as the core of any development – designing all pieces and sizes on real bodies. This has quite a few advantages, the biggest one being that the garments genuinely fit you. They might not look as beautiful and neat on the hanger – but look even more beautiful and flattering on you in real. Focusing on the body also means that we always take the varying elasticity of the fabric into account, which gives you more freedom of movement while also reducing the strain the garment is under and significantly extending its life span.

Most more prominent retail fashion brands, on the other hand, do what you could call “rag construction” – they mainly focus on the garment’s appearance when presented in stores placed on hangers. With the focus placed like this, the garment is created based on a two-dimensional shape. This is why clothing often looks beautiful in stores – but ends up in the dark corner of your closet because they never really fit.

If you want to know more about our fabrics and how our clothes are made, click here https://behestia.com/our-fabrics/

HESTIA works in a way that could be called “organic production process“. Every piece is carefully developed and produced according to sustainable lifecycles. Therefore there is always only a limited amount of pieces available in every collection. We follow this approach to provide the highest fabric and production quality and protect our nature & all involved workers at the same time.

With every purchase, you add your share to protecting the environment, supporting local businesses, and gifting yourself with high-quality clothing that will last forever.

In the following days, weeks, and months we will gradually add more products for you. We decided to stand against the usual customs for fashion brands that produce at least four entire collections per year. This way creates a high strain on the environment due to unnecessary oversized cargos, stock structures, and the inevitable overproduction.

Small and continuous releases allow us to tremendously cut back on those problems.

Don’t be afraid to share anything about yourself and your new favorite piece from HESTIA using #behestia. We are a community of women from all around the world with one big thing in common: Living the female experience, looking for connection and inspiration in a comforting and loving space. Don’t be shy!

Can’t wait to see you soon!

Your HESTIA Team


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