There is never that one perfect moment to start something new – only the almost perfect ones. And it was the mixture of one of those nearly perfect moments, a gut feeling, and the trust that built up after many years of friendship and created the foundation for what soon was called HESTIA.

Equipped with many years of entrepreneurial and life experience as strong and independent women, the two female founders Veronica Summer and Nathalie Tumler, understood one thing right from the beginning: no matter how different day to day circumstances for an individual, many of us that are sharing the female experience, also share the wish to be comfortable in their own skin at all times. And for that to be possible, we must develop the clothes we wear with an accurate understanding of the body that goes way beyond any superficial level.

Veronica Summer – born in Canada, spending half of her childhood back home in Vancouver, B.C., and her teenage years in Switzerland, learned early that every corner of the world can be a comfortable place to stay. Residing in 10 different countries over the span of 10 years, she divided her time between working in high-level management positions and pursuing a successful career as a singer and voice artist. Nevertheless, every traveler finds herself searching for a home base at some point – that’s how Veronica came to Tyrol, which offers, as she says, the best of all the places she has been to before, beautifully and comfortably combined. 

Nathalie Tumler – born in Austria, Nathalie learned to dream big from the get-go – leaving home at a young age to pursue her dream of a ballet career. She went from studying at the Ballet Conservatory in France to working in high-level positions in different marketing fields while being a well-renowned makeup artist for high-profile international customers all over Europe. Coming back home to finish her studies in translation sciences at her alma mater in her hometown Innsbruck, she found not only the perfect spot to start her family and to raise her now beautiful two-year-old daughter, but also the perfect timing to found HESTIA.