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Wherever you are, we hope that you are safe and able to enjoy the big or small things in life that make you happy.

The most important thing we wanted to tell you today is: we are in this together.
Seeing mother nature struggle, not only in theory or in the news, but more or less in front of our own doorstep in Innsbruck, Austria, reminded us once again why HESTIA is what it is. We do what we do in honor of Nature and its beauty that is reflected in every one of you, in every bamboo crop – and in every piece of our bamboo line. From the get-go, we decided to do our best to protect this beauty.
We are trying to do our best and if you want to learn how we are going about it, head to  https://behestia.com/our-philosophy/ and https://behestia.com/our-fabrics/.

But even a goddess-like HESTIA can’t save the world alone. It needs small steps from all of us. And the small step that you can do, is quite easy: love your clothes. Take care of them, keep them as happy and safe as they are keeping you. And to make your decision to buy real sustainable pieces even easier, we are offering all pieces of our bamboo line up to 25% off.  

Think about the word sustainability for a moment – what comes to your mind?
Most likely things like natural materials, fair production measures, non-toxic chemicals…These were our first thoughts too. But with the importance of details as one of our most significant design statues, we wanted to go even further.
Because a piece of clothing can only be called sustainable when all aspects of its life cycle are taken into consideration – and that includes the longevity it carries as a part of your wardrobe. That’s why we decided to work with companies that follow the rules of traditional tailoring. The decision was easy for us because they share the same values: Our producers in Portugal see it as a given to put in that little bit extra time. They use only high-quality yarns for every stitch and make sure that every seam and detail is processed so that it can withstand many, many years of the strain that we put our favorite pieces under by wearing and washing them repeatedly.

We all know how we sometimes get emotionally attached to some pieces of clothing. Some of them brought you through tough times, some of them will forever remind you of that summer night with friends where you felt like you own the world – and we want that our pieces, carefully crafted just for you, to have the chance to become a part of your fondest memories as well.

And what is better to capture a beautiful moment than with a picture? So, don’t be shy and share your sparkling self, wearing one of the pieces of the HESTIA collection using the hashtag #behestia

“It needs to have pockets!”

When we started developing the first pieces for our HESTIA loungewear collection, asking all the lovely ladies around us what they truly need in their wardrobe, this was the one point, that all of them agreed on immediately.
We don’t need to explain the reason behind this, right? We all had that experience over and over again, finding a lovely dress or the almost perfectly fitting pants, buying them – and getting super annoyed because the lacked practicality and one crucial thing – pockets.

The explanation for this is rather easy: for decades, the industry of women’s clothing has been almost exclusively dominated by the requirement of being “pretty”.

And we deeply agree that every kind of woman has the right to be and feel beautiful, but never to the expanse of comfort and practicality.
That’s why we adapted all our pieces to the real-life requirements that come with the female experience. Pockets are just a small part of it, and we definitely didn’t stop there to create the most comfortable experience for you.

Be comfortable. Be powerful.

Your Hestia Team


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