8 months ago

Starting a fashion brand is never an easy task – doing it sustainably from scratch even more so. It took countless different trial and errors, hours pouring over the latest sustainability reports for the textile industry and lots of coffee and batteries for our calculators, searching for the right partners to do this – but in the end it was worth it.

Of course we are (not yet) perfect, but we are giving our best every day to ensure fairly made, naturally responsible and high quality pieces that make you and mother nature happy – and comfortable.



Our production partners are based in Portugal and bring more than 30 years of experience in the processing of natural materials, as well as broad knowledge regarding the latest sustainable fibre and textile developments to the table. Their whole production is OEKO-TEX 100, GOTS and GRS certified as well as continuously evaluated by SMETA, to ensure safe, fair and ethical work conditions for all employees.


Our fibres

Lets do the “why bamboo” question quick, because this is almost a no-brainer: it grows fast (up to 80 cm per day), needs close to no water, no pesticides and is happy in a big variety of climates. but there is even more to it – it absorbs 5 times more CO² than similar plants and generates up to 35% more oxygen.

As our goal is to be full cycle sustainable, there is yet another reason why we decided to work with bamboo: research has shown that bamboo provides one of the most stable and durable natural based fibres.  A higher durability, form stability and antibacterial property that spare you from using intense chemicals or big amounts of water to clean it, which helps to save and protect valuable natural resources.

Our philosophy

Nature is the greatest creator of beauty after all – and we want to honour that. That’s why all our pieces are the perfect mix of simplicity, classiness and timeless in their designs. The best thing you can do now,  is to love every piece forever, because we already made sure that It will last that long – we promise!


if you want to learn even more about our materials check out the full story of HESTIA and learn more about our philosophy and our fabrics.